Lease of digital assets

The first step to financial independence.

According to data from the Federal Revenue, until July 2020, Brazil had handled more than
R$ 66.220 billion reais in cryptoactives. The market is in constant growth and popularization and it is not by chance that it has taken off in recent years. Cryptoactives guarantee a great return to those who decide to use their market potential.

The digital asset market works in a similar way to other financial markets, to obtain results it is necessary to study a lot, be attentive and understand a lot of the dynamics that happen throughout the day. But unlike traditional markets, the chances of return on trading in the crypto market can be much greater, thanks to market movements and skills at the time of trading.

Brascompany has been operating for three years in the leasing of digital assets. We are the largest digital asset manager in Brazil and we have a team of highly qualified professional traders that guarantee significant results for our clients.


Advantages of our market

Encryption and Security

Cryptocurrencies are guaranteed security by their encryption. No operation is repeated or maliciously modified as it is blockchain protected.


Market Operations

We operate through daytrade (profits from daily operations) thus guaranteeing the earnings of our customers provided for in the contract, bringing security to your digital asset leased with us


Comfort and mobility

Get access to your lease data from anywhere. Ensure the comfort of viewing your digital assets in the palm of your hand at all times.


Asset Lease

Braiscompany operates in the market through the leasing of digital assets, a relationship in which we pay the customer a variable amount within a pre-established period of time, in a contract signed between the parties.


The world is our home

Braiscompany does not stop growing, we have clients all over Brazil, and in other countries around the world. Have the opportunity to know the experience of being our customer anywhere with Braiscompany's standard of service.


How to have your wallet?

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Registering your data in an exchange gives you access to the cryptocurrency market, as well as quotes and transfer, purchase and sales services.

In the registered exchange, you can buy different types of currencies. Just make the purchase with cash (real or dollar) and wait for payment approval.

Ready! Now you can manage your currencies, as well as carry out buy and sell operations at the appropriate time. Your wallet is ready for your use.

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Bitcoin is a decentralized digital asset, based on a technology called Blockchain, which has the purpose of financial trading without intermediaries. Its most common use today is the purchase and sale of products or services over the internet.

There are currently over 9000 coins, classified as alticoins, stablescoins, securitycoins, utilitycoins and tokenized coins. It is possible to have an infinite number of cryptocurrencies, as new codes for these assets are created daily to meet the particular demands of each company. But it is possible to follow this growing number and the detailed listing of the quotation for each cryptocurrency through the website: https://coinmarketcap.com/

The first step is to get in touch with one of our official brokers (see list the on our website: braiscompany.com/nossos-brokers/ ) he or she will introduce you to the business model and how the company works. From there, you can decide together what is the best rental option for you.

Yes. As our company specializes in cryptocurrency rental, our entire relationship is through them. Thus, registering on an Exchange and creating your cryptoactive portfolio is the first step to starting your rental. From there, your broker will guide you through the process.

After choosing the national exchange and your preference, just follow the step-by-step instructions indicated by the site. You will need to submit your documents and some personal information.

Yes, as provided for in the contract and on a pre-established date. Always through your bitcoin wallet.

Cryptocurrency brokers are companies that buy and sell digital assets on a platform designed for this purpose, such as Binance and Mercado Bitcoin. Braiscompany operates in the management of these cryptocurrencies, through a digital asset lease agreement, remunerating the lessor monthly at a variable percentage. Therefore, Braiscompany does not buy and sell digital assets for its customers, it only manages them.

Strategy! In a market of high volatility, Braiscompany takes advantage of the movements and rates of the crypto asset. As more the actives raise up or goes down, as much we got opportunities to make profit.

Braiscompany has the best team of cryptotraders that operate taking advantage of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. In the administrative field, Braiscompany maintains a strong financial management, in addition to aligning with all compliance and governance system stipulated by its legal department.

Braiscompany is a manager of third-party digital assets through lease agreements. The lessor temporarily assigns its assets and in exchange, receives a variable monthly remuneration for twelve months, which is the normal term of the contract.

For our business model no specific authorization is required other than filing the articles of incorporation with the Board of Trade, registering with the Internal Revenue Service, and obtaining a license to operate from the City Hall.

As for tax legislation, we provide the Brazilian IRS with all accessory information and, in addition, we comply with the obligations set forth in IN 1888 of May 2019.

In other words, our activity is free like any other activity, being a constitutional right of ours, based on the principle of free enterprise and on the Economic Freedom Law (Law 13.874/2019) and, in compliance with all obligations, we are fully legalized before all agencies required by the Legislation

The cryptoactive market is quite volatile. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee a fixed rental of cryptoactives.

Yes, after paying for the lease of your cryptoactives, you have full autonomy in your negotiations

Braiscompany does not limit a maximum number of crypto-asset leases, each lessor is responsible for making a lease according to their possibilities. Regarding the value, there is a minimum limit for contracts, which is a minimum value to be able to operate in the digital assets market, you can get more information directly with a Broker, see relationship on our website.

No, our company’s entire policy is through cryptocurrencies.