About us

brais history


We were born in the midst of the Brazilian crisis. In a land of thorns and full of uncertainties, we follow the counterhand of pessimism. In June 2018, in a State of Paraíba, Braiscompany appears, a company that aims at a future of great aspirations in a present of growth. Operating in the cryptocurrency market, the company’s mission is to be a platform for access to the financial market. By anyone for any investment size. Your dream came true in an investment in which we work every
day to increase its value.

We believe in opportunities that bring success. That is why we take care every day of your crypto asset leasing, through daytrade, in a market of great expansion and countless possibilities of enterprise. And more than that we consider it fair that everyone person can start managing your cryptocurrencies. From those with great longings to those who begin their steps in a life of financial health and enrichment.

For both our financial management courses and investments are essential in resource application education. Before thinking about punctual growth, knowledge and prudence in the actions of those who are willing to change their lives forever is indispensable.

Everything here is at your fingertips, monitoring your earnings from your home couch. We also provide brokerage, mentoring and are available to guide your decisions and optimize your ideas by managing your resources.This is our legacy, transforming the vision of each person, providing success and enrichment, in addition to most importantly, their happiness.


Transforming the future

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is currently widely used in the cryptoasset financial market, but it can also be used in the most diverse technological solutions that exist in the market currently.

Desruptive Courses

How do you want to operate in the market? How to be a successfull investor living only from your income? You can have a financial future without depending on anyone. Invest in your training with one of our courses.

Leasing Agreement

Braiscompany operates in the market through the leasing of digital assets, a relationship in which we pay the client a vaiable amount within a pre-established time interval, in a agreement signed between the parties.


Have a project in mind but don´t know how to get started? Bring your idea to Brasicompany, we will find the best solutions for you to evolve your goals.